Chama Anjo | Angel Caller


What is an Angel Caller?

Just like other forms of spiritual jewellery, Angel Callers allow you to feel the presence of a force greater than yourself and do this by purportedly calling an angel to your side. Guardian Angels are believed to provide guidance, positive thoughts and emotions, encouragement and solace. Angel Callers, also known as Angel Whisperers, are pendant necklaces that come in a variety of designs. Some are hollow balls of precious metal, while others are fashioned into decorative ‘cages’. These hold a soundball with a chime in the middle that can make various sounds when the pendant is swung. These chimes ‘call’ or ‘whisper’ as a way of communicating spiritually with your guardian angel. The caged version of the Angel Caller allows you to choose different soundball designs, which come in different sizes and colours, to be inserted into the centre. The colour and finish of the soundball represent the type of angel you call to yourself. Different styles of soundball produce different types of sound, allowing you to personalise your spiritual experience to your own tastes and needs.