Garrafa de Cobre Ayurveda (600 ml)

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Garrafa de Cobre Ayurveda (600 ml)
Garrafa de Cobre Ayurveda (600 ml)

Artistic yet modern, this Engraved Bottle Collection is a striking example of how an everyday utility can be made into something exquisite without sacrificing on its functionality and health benefits. The graceful engraving is not only beautiful but depicts the age old art and true craftsmanship.   With the capacity to hold around 600 ml of water, the engraved water bottle is fashionable, light-weight and full of Ayurveda benefits. It is handcrafted from pure high grade copper and polished with a certified food grade lacquer that make them easy to maintain! A perfect yoga bottle for yogis and for people on the go!   Copper is known to bring amazing proven Ayurveda benefits and is widely recommended by Yogis ad Ayurveda experts. Water stored in a copper vessel (which is known as “tamra jal” in Ayurvedic medicine) balances the three doshas in your body (vata, kapha and pitta) by gently infusing the water with the positive health properties of copper. Studies show that copper also turns water into natural alkaline water, which helps balance your body’s pH levels. To enjoy its maximum benefits, let your water sit overnight in the bottle and drink it in morning for a healthy dose of copper nutrients necessary for a better life and mood.

•    Made of pure high-grade food-safe copper
•    Leakproof
•    Handcrafted artisan creation
•    A durability of lifetime

Height: 22cm
Diameter: 7cm
Weight: 230g

Care Instructions:
We recommend cleaning your new copper bottle or glass thoroughly before their first use. Simply rinse with warm water and mild soap or salt water from inside.
Put a table spoon of citric acid powder or descaler powder in the copper vessel. Pour hot water and let it rest for 5 minutes. Shake well and rinse off. Your copper vessel will shine as new from within.  Alternatively, squeeze half a lemon (or ¼ cup of naturally fermented vinegar) and a tablespoon of salt into the bottle and add 1-2 cups of warm water. Shake the bottle and pour the liquid out. Sometimes a copper build-up occurs around the lid of the bottle. Use the squeezed lemon to wipe inside the neck/tread of the bottle and then wipe with a cloth.
We do not recommend you to clean your copper products in the dishwasher. The outer lacquer may rub off, taking away the classic copper shine. The outer lacquer protects bottles and glasses from discolouring and oxidation.

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