Hamonizadores Shungite e Cobre | Shungite harmonizers


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Hamonizadores Shungite e Cobre | Shungite harmonizers
Hamonizadores Shungite e Cobre | Shungite harmonizers


Shungite harmonizers are designed for restoring and maintaining the energetic balance of a human body and bio field and normalizing all the processes that are keeping all the body systems functioning in the proper way. With the help harmonizers a human body consumes positive energy that strengthens the bio field of a person using them. Shungite harmonizers are supposed to be made of two different materials, for example, shungite and talkohlorit or tulikivi, and they can be of different shapes like cylinders, spheres or tablets.

In order to use them right you are supposed to relax, sit with your legs uncrossed and put the hands with the harmonizers on your knees. The shungite harmonizer should by in your left hand and the harmonizer made of talkohlorit should be in your right hand. In order to enhance the influence of the harmonizers it is recommended to concentrate on your feelings starting from 3-5 minutes during your first session and then gradually increasing time up to 10-15 minutes. It is better to use harmonizers twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for two weeks with a break for two weeks before continuing the cycle.

Apart from balancing the bio field harmonizers provide a therapeutic effect and benefit multiple body parts and systems of a human body. People using harmonizers claim that harmonizers help them to increase their efficiency and improve their performance, help them to relax and feel safe and comfortable.

Check our infographic to know how to use shungite harmonizers correctly to increase efficiency and achieve balance and harmony.

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