I Ching Oracle Cards

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I Ching Oracle Cards
I Ching Oracle Cards

I Ching: the Book of Changes, one of the oldest book of humanity, reminds us that nothing is fixed, but life is always changing, flowing naturally from the Yang (the male principle of creation) to the Yin (the female principle of receptiveness) and to the Yang again, never stopping, but rather creating harmony in the motion. The I Ching is an old and venerable wisdom and each of the 64 cards expresses an archetypical truth. Following the Book of Changes, every card can turn into another, with Yin solidifying into Yang and Yang melting into Yin. The cards offer a powerful visualisation of the I Ching concept, a useful and practical way to consult the ancient book. Text is by the American I Ching expert and writer, Lunaea Weatherstone. 64 full colour cards & instructions.

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  • Cards | 16 pages
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  • Torino, Italy
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