Jade Plant-Based Mat Wash 8oz (237ml)

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Jade Plant-Based Mat Wash 8oz (237ml)
Jade Plant-Based Mat Wash 8oz (237ml)
Jade's all plant-based mat wash is made specially for natural rubber yoga mats and contains a selected blend of essential oils that not only clean your mat, but also contain anti-oxidants that help extend the life of your mat.
Jade`s Mat Wash is made in the US and has a fresh, natural fragrance. Through our partnership with “Clean the World”, we provide a bar of soap to a person in need with the purchase of each bottle.
Please note: Normally, we do not recommend the use of essential oils on our natural rubber mats. The Jade Mat Wash, however, is specially manufactured with a low concentration and an optimally composed formula of essential oils and even serves as an antioxidant for natural rubber. This means no damage will  occur to the Jade mat rubber as it might be the case with other essential oils and other concentrations. Please only use Jade's Mat Wash to take care of your JadeYoga Mat. Mat cleaners from other manufacturers or homemade mixtures may cause damage.

Water, tri sodium citrate (derived from citrus), vegetable based surfactant, white thyme, oregano and eucalyptus oils (antioxidant rich essential oils) & citrus oil based emulsion.
Content: 8 oz (237ml)

Spray mat with Jade`s Mat Wash as needed and wipe down with a clean towel. Allow to dry (leave mat unrolled and out of sunlight for a couple of minutes). Keep out of eyes and do not ingest. Store in a cool, dry place.

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