Pulseira Coral | Coral Bracelet

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Pulseira Coral | Coral Bracelet
Pulseira Coral | Coral Bracelet
Pulseira Coral | Coral Bracelet
Pulseira de Coral com medalha da arvore da vida em aço
Coral Bracelet with a Tree of life charm

Keywords: Passion, Nature

Coral is of organic origin. Coral can be used to reconnect with nature and its variety of wonders. Coral also attracts love and prosperity, particularly red coral, which is a stone of passion. Creativity and optimism are also qualities that coral brings out. Emotionally, coral brings inner peace, strength, and understanding of purpose. Physically coral is used in alternative crystal healing for general healing, blood and circulatory system issues, kidney, bladder, epilepsy, bone and bone marrow, eye problems, and the respiratory system.

Coral is organic and may contain bacteria as well as pollutants from toxic materials in the water it forms in.

Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Corals also have other properties according to their color.



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